New Emojis in iOS 14.2 software update

Apple released iOS 14.2 which adds 13 new Emoji characters that Apple previewed earlier this year as part of World Emoji Day. New emoji options include fly, people hugging, ninja, black cat, bubble tea, bison, polar bear, blueberries, fondue, and more.

This update also features 55 gender and skin-tone variants, along with new gender-inclusive emojis that can be used as an alternative to gendered versions.

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Add or remove App pages from iOS 14 springboard

There’s nothing quite like condensing your app collection into a single pane. That’s not always possible though, and so Apple is now allowing users to essentially hide pages of their home screen.

Long press your home screen to enter ‘edit mode’, and then tap the dots above the dock that show how many screens there are. From there, you can simply toggle pages on or off.

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iOS 14.1 is no longer signed by Apple servers

iOS 14.2.1 update

Apple released iOS & iPadOS 14.2 to the general public with new Emojis, wallpapers, and other improvements. That said, the company has stopped signing the older iOS & iPadOS 14.1 firmware, just one week after the mentioned release.

The unsigning of a particular version of firmware means that iPhone and iPad users can no longer officially downgrade to it via Finder or iTunes.